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Cayleigh is phenomenal. She is hands-down, the best of the best in the wedding and event planning business! Asking Cayleigh to take us on as clients was the best decision we could’ve made, and the fact that she was able to do so made us THE luckiest! She is extremely professional, prompt, transparent, upbeat, passionate, energetic, fun, and creative. If you think you’re excited for your wedding, Cayleigh will make you even MORE excited! She listens, and she can take your vision and turn it into the event of your DREAM. With only about 4 months to plan, she took us on for an intimate (approximately 25 person) wedding and helped secure incredible vendors and an overall plan/timeline within days. She was so on top of everything and everyone every step of the way, and she made sure any last-minute potential stressors (making sure we had day-of paper and signs, getting the dresses steamed, confirming deliveries, etc.) were handled with ease. I 100% recommend Cayleigh and the Petal Report to anyone.


Where do I even begin?!? Cayleigh handled everything!!! You can have her involved as much as you want her to be. She makes suggestions but every choice is your own. From the start of wedding planning to the day of, I can’t imagine having anyone else plan our wedding and execute all the details other than her!! The Petal Report team is BEYOND amazing and can’t recommend them enough!!!!


Cayleigh is phenomenal – as a wedding planner, and as a person. From the start, Cayleigh impressed us with her attention to detail, vendor knowledge, and genuine interest in planning our perfect wedding experience. She is personable, sweet, and caring – all of which was apparent from our very first conversation. Cayleigh was supportive through it all – always putting our hopes of a happy wedding day and celebrating our love as the top priority. She managed many family surprises for the wedding day and diligently working them into the schedule to make everything special. Our rehearsal dinner and wedding day were gorgeous capturing our spirit as a couple. We are incredibly grateful to consider Cayleigh a friend – someone who has supported us for the past 3 years – navigating life’s ups and downs and our wedding process. She has an eye for the design, the precision of an expert event producer, the patience of a saint, and the charisma to keep things light and fun all the way through – even in the most stressful of situations. Where this ends is that there is no real goodbye with Cayleigh – she is the best wedding planner that we could have hoped for and she already has been in touch about reconnecting when we are all in the same place again.